A transactional mindset destroys value.

Mutual Value creates it.

The secret is trust

Mutual Value helps its clients build trust:  as leaders, as account and sales teams and as those responsible for key partners and suppliers.  Trusted relationships create far better outcomes, but too often warm words don’t turn into real behaviours. We make sure they do.

Our approach is based on decades of experience and our own models and methods.

We offer:

  • Training which changes the mindset, and provides those involved with the skillset to have much more powerful meetings and conversations which build trust and focus on value
  • Consulting to develop strategies and programmes that build far higher levels of collaboration internally and with key accounts or projects
  • Coaching to support leaders who want to build a stronger trust narrative and execute strategies that trust their teams to deliver


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Our Latest Thinking
How to build trust in your business

How to build trust in your business

By Stuart Maister, Joint MD, Mutual Value If you’ve ever done personal development of any type you know it all starts with you. If you want others to behave better you need to behave better; if you want others to be nice then guess what you need to do first?  If you...

It starts with the leadership realising that this change will give them competitive advantage. Review our programmes to see how we can help you and your teams build far higher value-based trusted relationships.



Anything can happen. COVID-19 has shown us that.

But rigid contractual approaches that underpin so much business engagement make it difficult for clients to respond and adapt in an agile way to change.

There’s a better way. If we make trust the fundamental way to choose vendors or attract customers, then we ensure real collaboration. Because when things change your ability to react depends on the quality of your relationships.

It’s also true when it comes to suppliers and partners. The Mutual Value difference is that we advocate and support conscious design of these relationships, and active management of the behaviours involved to drive much higher joint ambition.

The result: more agile, innovative and responsive activity based on long term engagement. A sense of shared ambition and an understanding that buyers and sellers create outcomes together. That’s Mutual Value in action.

The best account leaders know and do this already. The mission is to make this behaviour consistent across your teams.


You may have read this far and thought: great, we need to train our key account teams in this stuff so that they can sell more. And indeed, that may be a good thing to do. But we believe it is only the starting point.

Your client experience depends on how you all show up internally and externally. This is a cultural shift which can affect how your teams work together as well as with clients. Most organisations have Value Statements which should drive this. Most don’t, and that’s why we call this turning your Values into value.

The key to maximising the potential of a Mutual Value approach is to develop consistency in behaviour across the organisation – so that it ‘feels different’ to work with your firm.
This is not about a service ethos, but about the establishment of a grown-up mindset that focuses on collective ambition and continually building trust as the foundation for strong relationships.   

We all know what that looks and feels like when it exists. We’re advocating making it business as usual for your firm – the ‘way we do things round here’.

You can read more about our approach here.


  Vendors win in the market by how they behave and the way they work with clients

  Clients gain far greater value from their commercial choices

  Organisations lead ecosystems where collaboration enables greater innovation, agility and better performance

  The parties focus on how they work together, co-creating solutions that deliver far superior outcomes

It feels different: more human, more open, less transactional

We consult, train, coach and support.


We use a series of models to help our clients consider how they show up in their most important relationships, what impact this has and what to do in order to elevate the levels of trust involved.

We can then train the people involved, coach and support the change in approach and even work with their clients or partners to enable co-creation of Mutual Value as the foundation of a stronger, trust-based relationship. Our aim is to transfer skills to make this business as usual.

Our work helps your team develop a clear focus on value through:

  • A clear and simple narrative to ensure a powerful story
  • A value-based mindset that moves away from transactional thinking and drives trusted behaviours
  • A stronger skillset to support better conversations and engagement with clients and partners
  • A Mutual Value toolset that provides practical ways to support stronger relationships


We’ve worked with leaders across many sectors and countries. Here’s what some have said about us recently…

Kevin has a wealth of experience in BD and leadership and leverages that knowledge to challenge those around him to aspire to achieve more. Kevin is intrinsically commercial, whilst working with a strong commitment to ensuring that relationships are based on mutual benefit, thinking win/win. I confidently recommend Kevin as a coach and as a commercial leader.

Juliet Shaw, Director

Forensic Advisory Assurance, EY

Stuart worked closely with our leadership team, ran a challenging and provocative workshop and brought real insights, experience and ideas to the table. He helped us create a simple, powerful narrative around a few big ideas that cut through complexity. Stuart’s mix of journalism, insight and production experience means he can work with our most senior leaders … across the Firm.”

Karim Emara, CMO


“Stuart was acting as a moderator, but he was also a catalyst. He was able to distil the issues and make people focus on the aspects which really matter. …He was drawing out of people what was really essential to be able to move forward …we managed to fairly smoothly move into a process where we were aligned.. and we managed to find something to inspire us…”

Stefan Krummek, Principal

TFP Farrells, Asia

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