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By Stuart Maister, Joint MD Mutual Value

3 thoughts emerge for me from our 2 web seminars looking at how to decide where to invest relationship capital and what to do about it, so that you emerge in a strong position when we return to the New Normal.

1. Irony. A situation which stops us meeting each other is causing a higher level of humanity in our business relationships. Participants mentioned how we’re now seeing into each other’s homes, CEOs are sharing personal messages and virtual quiz nights or drinks are bonding clients and partners.

2. Appreciation.Suppliers who were viewed as a commodity are being appreciated when they go the extra mile.This forms the basis for a deeper relationship.Not in every case – we heard last week about a company who’s sent its supply chain letters saying ‘we won’t pay’; but in many.

3. Conscious decision making. Smart companies are using this period to consciously plan their approach to key relationships and decide where to focus now and when we re-emerge. This crisis is enabling some overdue strategic thinking about how to sell and the value proposition we offer.

Below you can view a recording of our 4pm session where we shared some thinking and discussed the experiences of those who attended, using some of our models as a way of framing the discussion.

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Watch this recording of our web seminar discussion