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What is the biggest asset in your organisation? It may be something called Relationship Capital, but this is also the thing which is least visible to leadership and the most poorly managed or measured. When re-emerge into the New Normal, this will be one of key factors that determines speed and trajectory.

If you start to consider the time and money you spend on acquiring, maintaining and managing relationships – and then make conscious choices where to direct it, the Return on Relationship capital gain (ROR) can be enormous. 

In this web seminar we went through detailed analysis of how to calculate this RoR to drive this decision making. It features our friends at Introhive who are experts in mapping the data required.

This is a chance to take just 45 minutes to hear how to identify, measure and manage one of your key assets – Relationship Capital.

Rethink and Reset: a series of discussions

This is one of a series of web seminars we’ve been offering called Rethink and Reset: Growing and Thriving in the New Normal. They’re intended to be a chance to think about what will have changed when we re-emerge and how this impacts what you do now. Our agenda is conscious and proactive business relationship development, and we’ve looked at this from different angles. 

Our last one, Selling in the New Normal, can be seen here: