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Leadership in the New Normal. A web seminar.

Leadership in the New Normal. A web seminar.

Leadership is a role not a right. One of the key ideas which helped frame our 45 minute discussion that pulled together some of the big themes from this series of web seminars. So how do you best live that role - and of course, what has changed with COVID? We were...

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How often have you heard from Clients that you were brilliant, but in a close fought contest you just came second and you lost on price? 

In this video Kevin explores the reality behind Clients selection criteria, and why this should make us think differently about how we choose to behave.

They are buying my expertise aren’t they? In a world where technical ability and expertise can be found so easily on the web and from software, the thing that will be most valuable to a Client is our ability to build broad understanding of their business and the value they are trying to create. Our focus has to switch to building these kind of relationships.

Transformation is the wrong word to use to drive change. We believe the focus should be on PEP – Permanent Evolution at Pace. Here’s 2 minutes on why that’s the case and how it impacts commercial relationships.

Many Clients have a budget, but this may or may not be rooted in a well articulated business case.  In this video Kevin talks about the Mutual Value approach to discussing the topic with a Client.  By both parties understanding the business case they have clarity about how they can contribute to it, or indeed whether they agree with it.  

Do we know what the Client actually means when they say what they want?

This briefing looks at how to be really inquisitive in such situations. Kevin provides a brilliant and simple way to get to the truth, and help the Client consider more carefully what they really want, while ensuring both sides share the same definition of what this actually means.

We bid to achieve a certain margin – why are we so often disappointed by what we achieve?

Kevin explores how operating within a transactional world, but wanting to do great work and please Clients, can often lead to us delivering lower margins than we should, and we deserve, and points to an alternative approach.


Traditional sales techniques don’t work in a modern world – perhaps its time to move on.

In this video Kevin talks about how the old paradigm is dying.  People will no longer put up with being sold at and demand much more from their long term suppliers.  Ultimately they wish to move to a relationship build on trust and Mutual Value.


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