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Mutual Value believes that collaboration with Partners and the synergistic outcomes we create for our Clients is critical for our shared success. We are proud to associate with the following:

It’s time for a shift – from transaction to collaboration as the basis for trusted commercial relationships. It’s time for Mutual Value.

Introhive measures the level of investment you make in relationship building, establishes best practice and creates a powerful platform for establishing the impact of applying Mutual Value behaviours.

Founded in 2012, Introhive is the fastest growing B2B relationship intelligence and data quality management solution, recently recognized as a top 10 fastest growing technology company in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards and the MarTech 2020 Breakthrough Award winner for Best CRM Innovation.

Introhive’s AI powered SaaS platform is designed to help organizations realize the full value of their relationships and underutilized data across their business to increase revenues, employee productivity and to improve customer experience management.

Introhive has quickly grown to 240+ employees with 10 global office locations, supporting customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East and Asia. Built for scalability and security, Introhive has the single largest relationship intelligence automation (RIA) customer deployment in the world with over 100,000 users across 90+ different countries

Introhive has invested over $30 million into its data science platform and is backed by leading investors; Lake Bridge Capital, Build Ventures, Espresso Capital, Maven, Fortify and Salesforce.

The needs of the commercial world have changed – increased agility to exploit opportunities, greater flexibility to deal with unexpected events, more rapid technology to share and exploit ideas – have all resulted in broad recognition that hierarchical specalised organisations are no longer the most effective.  Today’s networked and connected world offers massive competitive advantage to led Ecosystems to exploit massive competitive advantage.

Our partners, Professor Peter Williamson and Professor Arnoud de Meyer have written the de facto standard for leading an ecosystem, and we are proud to have been appointed by them to create and deliver a programme to help businesses explore and implement this exciting alternative business model.

Expert Humans was founded in April 2020 in Singapore. We bring our individual and shared interests into play through our work together, combining a long-standing and deep interest in what makes people think and behave the way they do – and particularly how they do so in an international or global context. The founders Joyce and Michael Jenkins, met on a train in China some thirty years ago and throughout the years since have worked with a multiplicity of groups around the world, accumulating and sharing knowledge and insights about humans at work.

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